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Video Pipeline Inspections
Our main line cameras utilize high resolution color and produce VHS videotapes. We now are also able to offer digitally recorded reports and video on compact disc. The 2 Telespector fully computerized main line televising units are used primarily for 6 through 60 inch diameter lines. 1 unit is battery operated for work in quiet neighborhoods, or evening emergency work.

The camera used is transported down sewer lines on robotic crawlers allowing access into lines with only one manhole. This allows us to televise through to both covered manholes to locate them, or to identify dead end lines for excavation and installation of new manholes.

We have 3 Rigid Sea Snake mini cameras for televising laterals from homes to the street.and are used to inspect laterals as small as 2 inches and up to 200 feet long. We can locate and indentify chronic drain problems and inform you on a way to choose the best permanent solution.

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