Ryan's Modern Sewer Cleaning offers 24-Hour Emergency Service on Sinks Toilets, Basement Drains, Septice Tanks and more. Call 800-54-RYANS!

Our technicians are certified by the INSTITUTE OF SEWER AND DRAIN CLEANING  in Mendota, IL, as well as going through our own safety and Customer Service training.

The service department is managed by Bill Schwandt who has over 15 years experience with our company.  Our technicians will greet you at your door with a smile.  They will be wearing protective booties on their shoes to protect your floor coverings.  They will listen to all of the facts you have to share about the events leading to your drain concerns.  After you have shared all of your information, the technician will then investigate your system to pinpoint the problem and give you his or her recommendations for solving it.  They will also make recommendations, if necessary, for other drains and for keeping the drains free flowing.  

The technician will explain to you, before he or she begins work, what they will be doing to solve the problem and all of the costs involved.  We do not work by the hour, rather we price our jobs flat-rate, which means no risks for you.  Because we are not in your home only as a contractor, but also as a guest invited by a personal phone call from you, the technician will also protect his or her work area and your home in any way necessary.  The work area floor will be covered by tarps and walls and cabinets will be protected if necessary.   The drain we come to service will be professionally cleaned to the next largest pipeline or further if you choose.  When the work is done, our work area will be cleaned and deodorized to make your unfortunate experience as pleasant as we possibly can. 

We clean all drains including sinks, tubs, toilets, drinking fountains and basement drains.  We have several products in our line-up to help your drains remain free-flowing in addition to our electric drain cleaning equipment.

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