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Cured in Place Pipeline Service

A professional repair requires knowledgeable technicians and a superior system.  Ryan's Modern Sewer Cleaning now has both!  We now offer a service to both our Residential and Commercial Customers.  This is a revolutionary new development in drain line renewal. This technology involves the use of a plastic sewer liner made of felt tubing soaked with epoxy which provides superior strength and can be formed into the old sewer from the building to the city sewer, with minimal excavation.

No fuss, no mess!  The pre-determined Dow Epoxy resin is poured into the repair package.  The external foil keeps the resin contained during the impregnation.  Later, during the curing process, the foil will keep a uniform wall thickness and guarantee the resin is protected from liquid contact.

We use a hands-on simple roller system that gives the technician complete control and allows full saturation to be easily confirmed.  At room temperature, the crew has 3 full hours before the resin reaction time begins.

The impregnated liner is mounted with end manifolds.  Winch cable and steam hose are mounted and the repair is inserted through the manhole.  At it's pre-determined destination, the 45 minute, steam cure process is activated and the cured-in-place liner is complete!  The internal foil and manifolds are removed and a smooth repair remains professionally in place. The picture at left shows the nicely finished smooth pipeline after lining.  The internal foil extends beyond the repair and acts as a bladder.  It prevents resin from escaping and creates a resin wedge.  The wedge produces a smooth transition as shown at right.  The repair and existing pipe are now one!

With this process, we are able to repair a wide range of sizes (from 6 to 36 inches) and up to 150 feet in length.  It has been 3rd party tested and engineered for 50 years per ASTM 1216.

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