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Enza Clean

Enza Clean® is a product that breaks down grease and fats to help drains stay virtually clean. Used in either a cafeteria setting or in the home it also helps to control odor while working at destroying the waste. Try using it to clean the floor or countertops...you'll love the great fruity smell!

If it's an odor eliminator you need, try Odor Out®. Even sour milk can smell like bubble gum! It's not just a masking agent to cover the smell for a short time. Odor Out® eliminates odors.

Even better, Odor Out® and Enza Clean® are environmentally friendly so there are no worries about Mother Nature! Just click the link below for other wonderful products offered by ReNew® Systems, Inc. and find more information about the products listed above. 


RootX® is an incredibly easy-to-apply product. It foams on contact with water to kill roots and deter growth. RootX® can be applied directly inside the sewer line after root cutting with our high pressure water jet or cable equipment. The product adheres to the inside of the pipe and to the roots themselves in order to inhibit growth. Please feel free to call our office for more information or professional advise about RootX®. For more information about RootX® the product, click the link below.

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